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Monday, June 23, 2008

Better Than Nothing

I had high hopes for getting several pieces
made today but I got a late start and got to Dorene's house late.
I did finish my necklace from last week
and finished the set (pictures to come).
I also started a new necklace which I had hoped to
finish tonight but will probably finish tomorrow.
Isn't that the way it goes sometimes?!
Ann, Dorene and I had a sweet time of fellowship and that
made it worth the while. Dorene is one of the best pie makers!!!
I don't know what that has to do with beading but every week she has a pie
ready for us. Today it was lemon meringue.
Over the weekend I received an email from a friend who requested
more of my jewelry. She has already purchased some and now
she is a return customer.
I've had several custom orders as well.
Pictures will be posted soon.

Friday, June 20, 2008

No Beads This Weekend

Yesterday was our 10th Anniversary. We had a great day!
We're celebrating this weekend. We're SO excited that we're getting away for
the first time in several years.
I don't know if I'm more excited about eating at the Olive Garden or the
solitude of the hotel or maybe it's the shopping.
Either way it's going to be so much fun.
Our kids are staying with some friends. They're looking forward
to this as much as Tim and I. They're in good hands and they'll
have fun playing with other kids.
I started a necklace on Wednesday but haven't had a chance to get
back to it. Hey, there's always Monday - our beading day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How it all got started

Myself and the ladies at church were interested in doing crafts together. Dorene had just recently started making some necklaces and other jewelry and she invited us to join her in her home. I bought a kit and on the first day I thought it was quite complicated. What in the world are all these pieces for! One day out of the week led to another and almost a year later I'm addicted. There are 3 of us in our beading group: Dorene (it's all her fault - haha), Ann and myself. I have become very close to Ann and Dorene. They're like my mothers. I won't tell their ages but they are seniors. We get together every Monday afternoon and feed off each others ideas and inspire each other and most importantly FELLOWSHIP.
Several months ago Dorene started shipping her finished products to her daughter. At her daughters workplace she sells it and boy, is it in high demand there! This has become a very fruitful source of income for Dorene. Ann started taking her jewelry into a local shop and selling it on consignment. That worked out great until the shop closed.
I've been inspired by my beading friends and have my own website
where I have sold almost 15 sets.
I love to bead. It's very relaxing and I love to see the pieces evolve in front of me.
So, this is pretty long for my first post but I guess I needed to start somewhere.